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Advanced automation at the speed of light. LightningATC is a hybrid chrome based software designed to secure high-demand items. Join the Waitlist
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SPECIAL FEATURES Lightning maximizes user success by ensuring effortless automation.
Pop-up Settings Our pop-up settings allow users to switch profiles, change modes, customize delays, run page monitors & add quantities within seconds.
Actions Whether it is a bot restock or a product releasing, Actions allow users to customize checkouts for any site. Say goodbye to unsupported sites.
Profile Management Create unlimited profiles with the ability to add personalized information such as Discord, Social Media handles, Price Max, and much more.
Custom Settings Lightning gives users the ability to fetch shipping rates, third-party captchas solver, blacklist sites, and receive mobile notifications via Pushover.
Monitor Feed Never miss on a restock by connecting directly to our fast monitor feed. Create your own custom keyword/URL string to auto-open, auto-cart & auto-checkout for you.
Auto Link Opener Our ALO sessions allow users to get products synced to their browser(s) in milliseconds allowing you to secure checkouts without a single touch.
Multi-Instancing No more additional keys needed. Each renewal license key comes with (2) additional instances to use at all times. That's three times the checkouts!
Premium Perks 100+ Monitors (Shopify, Retail & More), Release Guides, Early Links, Upcoming/Weekly Calendars, Restock/Checkpoint Pings, Groupbuys/Giveaways & more.
SUPPORTED SITES Supporting 100s of sites, users will never miss another drop. Lightning covers everything including Shopify, Stripe, Supreme, Funko, Finishline/JD Sports, Snipes, Hibbett, Big Cartel, Big Commerce, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, Razer, Zalando, Google Forms & more. We are adding sites every step of the way.
USER TESTIMONIALS Lightning continues to prove itself as a premier autocheckout software. Witness our user’s success.
I have been able to purchase and get the advantage I’ve always wanted. Before Lightning I had no capability to compete, I had a friend recommend it to me and I was reluctant. Even so I still bought it to give it a shot. I have no regrets, this simple extension is incredible. If you are looking for the advantage, go no further than Lightning.
Ever since I joined LightningATC in August 2020, I did not know what I got myself into since it was my first autofiller I have ever used and I had no idea how it would make me money. Not to mention I was new to the reseller game. The moment I used it, however, it was a blessing in disguise. I copped high coveted sneakers like the Jordan 1 High Smoke Grey's on ShopNiceKicks (which is one of many sites that they support) and the Undefeated Dunk. Not only did I make my money back, I was able to pay off my bills on time from the profits that I made. If you are doubting purchasing a copy, please don't. It is well worth your time.
I've made my money back plus so much more. Best money ever spent. It is extremely easy to use and if I ever had a question the wonderful staff was there to guide me in the right direction. The biggest flip of my reselling career was bought using Lighting and that was within a month of purchasing.
LightningATC is one of the best purchases I've made in years. It has enabled me to purchase so much stuff that I would have never dreamed of getting without a bot. The staff is super engaging, and helped me learn how to use Lightning quickly. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Burnt Nachos
Burnt Nachos
LightningATC has been an amazing find for me. I've managed to get my hands on hyped releases that I would normally miss out on because of how fast Lightning gets you through the checkout process.
LightningATC has completely changed my confidence and my ability to go for hyped drops. As someone who does not have the time nor the money to dish out thousands for a high-end bot, it relieves me knowing that I have a good chance to cop what I want with Lightning, especially since I don't have to pay for things like proxies, servers, or other fees that typically come with a bot. The success rate that I have with Lightning is, in my opinion, insanely good, especially for a Chrome extension. I've copped Notre, Bodega, and Concepts Dunk Highs, A Ma Maniere 3s, multiple box logos, Kaws figures, Supreme Dunk Lows, and PS5s using Lightning, as well as many other smaller shoes, clothes, and flips. Plus, with every update, Lightning just continues to get better. The developers are extremely talented, the staff are nice, and the people are great. I have been nothing short of satisfied with my purchase, and I look forward to the future of Lightning. Best ATC on the market, hands down.
Tilli Chz
Tilli Chz
Lightning is the best investment I've made while reselling. It is one of the cheapest and most effective tools, and I have been able to make over $1k in profit from the items Lightning was able to buy for me in a span of just a few months.
Lightning has paid off since day one. I've used it for pretty much every purchase I make online. It's "Lightning" fast speeds help me check out even the most hyped of products, and even on those random restocks, Lightning is able to help cart and fill out all of your payment info in a matter of seconds. Within a week of purchasing and seeing all my success, I had all of my friends on board with joining the Lightning crew. With Lightning you will never feel at a disadvantage, the potential to make money is endless.
LightningATC is the best return on investment when it comes to botting. Personally I’ve hit a copy of Wrath, Supreme Dunk, Union 4s, A Ma 3s, Bodega dunks, Concept Dunks, both Undefeated packs, and TONS more. I have easily made $20,000 from having LightningATC. Can’t stop, won’t stop.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Have more questions? Learn more about Lightning in the FAQ dropdowns below.
How much is Lightning?
Lightning initially costs $60 with a $10 monthly renewal fee.
How do I purchase Lightning?
Lightning is only available to purchase through our waitlist system to keep the product exclusive. You can follow us on our social media to receive information on upcoming restocks as well..
What sites does Lightning support?
Lightning supports Shopify, Supreme, Stripe, PayPal, Funko, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop and many more.
How does this differ from other tools?
LightningATC is designed with powerful features to provide maximum support throughout your automated checkout process.
What operating systems are supported?
Any Chromium based browser on Windows/MAC - Chrome, Edge and more - can run Lightning.
Do you offer groupbuys?
We are currently limited to group sales but recommend you to contact us through social media or submit an email below in order to check the availability.
CONTACT Reach out to us! If you are experiencing issues or would like to reach our support team, please submit the form. For information regarding restocks, follow us on social media.